If I were you

If I were in you I would hate me too.

I was terribly unfeeling towards you.

What you saw in me, I will never know.

In finding you, I found myself.


You brought the best out of me.

You were the best of me.

You showed me what it is like to be truly loved.

Like a fool I took it for granted.


At the first sign of trouble I walked away.

I thought I was sparing you disappointment.

I was not worthy of your love.


I was a fool, only concerned about looking out for number one.

Thoughts of past disappointments started to overshadow my happiness.

Overthinking was my downfall.

I succumbed to my fears, my pride got the best of me.


We were great together, perfect even.

That time I came to see you, your face was a picture.

Your reaction was priceless; it was a magical moment.

I will forever treasure that, though I fear it will never happen again.


We made countless precious moments.

Sometimes I lay awake just reminiscing about all those priceless moments.

I was truly happy; we were happy and madly in love.


In hindsight, I should have done better.

For starters, I should have let you have your say.

After all we were in it together, I was selfish.


My ego got the best of me.

Instead of finding a solution, I found an exit.

From the bottom of my heart I am truly sorry.

I am not the man I thought I was, I broke your heart.

I take responsibility for my actions.


The one thing I promised to keep safe.

I betrayed our love by letting it wither away.

You gave me your heart and your trust, I took it for granted.

There is nothing worse than that.

My fate is sealed I do not deserve your forgiveness.

If I were you I would hate me too.

Dear Gogo

My best is yet to come