My best is yet to come

I thought nothing could ever bring me down, till it did.

In my darkest hour I sat there wondering where it all went wrong.

Fighting the dark thoughts that occupied my mind.


I had all these dreams, ambitions, but it was all coming apart.

At every turn, disappointment lay in wait.

Maybe I was just not meant to succeed at anything.


For far too long I swam in the murky waters of self-pity.

In my mind I was not worthy of anyone's love or care.

Callously, I pushed away anyone who ever mattered to me.

Built walls that no one could ever break down.

My heart was well and truly closed for business.


My story had reached a dead end and I had nothing to show for it.

Just a catalogue of what ifs.

Before me lay a trail of regrets and mistakes.


I refuse to stay down; I won’t accept defeat.

There is so much more I have to offer, so much life to live.

Down, but never out, beaten, but never defeated.

Watch this space, my best is yet to come.

If I were you