I look in the mirror, I see a wry smile before me.

Haunted eyes stare back at me.

How did things get this bad?


There are times I lay awake staring into the darkness

Life had turned into a series of catastrophic events.

Found myself lost in my own thoughts, trapped in a never-ending nightmare.


I have been knocked down too many times than I care to count.

Eventually I started to enjoy the pain it caused.

Strange, I know, but I didn’t want to put my hopes up only to fall in the future.

Why try, if I know I will be disappointed eventually?

Paralysed with fear of failure I just gave up.


On the inside I am screaming, do something, anything!!!!

Nothing works, Idle is now my default setting.

A prisoner to my own thoughts, I found solace in a dark corner in my mind.

Even the most mundane of tasks feels like too much effort.

I keep postponing my dreams till they fade away.


What makes you whole may be the very thing that breaks you.

You can’t be going through life being haunted by regrets.

Don’t stop reaching for the stars, but never forget to keep yourself grounded.

Keep your head up , your time will come.

Even the darkness must give way to the light, just as what is good can be corrupted.

No place like home

Out of the ashes