Out of the ashes

Out of the ashes I rise, from the darkness I have found the light.

I found myself in a bottomless pit, no hope in sight.

My mind busy with empty thoughts, I found solace from staring at a blank wall.

Overcome with emotions tears would roll down my cheeks.


So haunted by sleep I didn’t want to close my eyes.

I couldn’t bear to find out the nightmares that lay in wait for me on the other side.

I made an acquaintance with the dark corners at the back of mind.


I went for days without moving or eating.

Laying there like a rock, immovable, so content to do nothing.

I couldn’t bear to look myself in the mirror, afraid to see the shame in my reflection.

I punished myself for doing nothing by doing nothing.


My heart shattered by constant disappointed, I used to think I was strong.

For once I was broken, hopeless and all out of moves.

I found peace in being idle, if I never try I can never fail, right?

Truth is I played myself.


The shame I felt for just wasting away, giving up all hope.

The dark thoughts that occupied my mind almost won.

I have seen rock bottom, trust me it isn't a place to be.

If you get carried away it will make you a citizen.


No matter how strong you think you are, life will always find a way to humble you.

Do not let your pride be your undoing.

Do not suffer in silence.

You are no island, remember that.